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ADDIE Analyze Phase

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ADDIE is term that describes a commonly accepted sequence of procedural steps used to design training. These steps or phases are the Analyze phase, Design phase, Develop phase, Implement phase and Evaluate phase.

While the steps are sequential, ADDIE workflow can be, and often is flexible, which makes it perfect for Agile projects.

This article is the first in a series of articles that beak down each phase of the ADDIE method. We’ll begin with ADDIE analyze phase.

The ADDIE Analyze Phase

In the analysis phase of the ADDIE model, we ask questions, collect data, write our trainings objectives, identify our available resources, and then document our analysis.

That’s a lot, right? So how do we start? An excellent way to start the ADDIE analyze phase is asking questions that fill in the five W’s (and one H) of writing and project management.

Who is your audience? Are they new hires? Sales reps? What is their business function?

What behavior do we need people to do to achieve our training goals? This is the question that should drive your research. The behavior you are looking for needs to be tied to tangible business results. These results need to be in alignment with your business strategy.

When does the training need to take affect? Is this a roll-out of a new product? Will sales reps have a little time to digest what they’ve learned?

Where is the training going to be given? Is the training going to be face-to-face, on-line or a combination of both? Is it regional, national or city-wide?

Why is this training important? This question is another that needs a great deal of focus. It also is a great lead-in to the H question.

How will this training improve our current situation and help us achieve our business goals? Your job in training is not simply to deliver training. Your job in training is to help drive results as defined in the Analysis phase.

Other Questions to Consider in the ADDIE Analyze Phase

While the five W’s (and one H) answer a lot, there are a lot more questions you can, and should ask in the ADDIE analyze phase of your L&D project. These are questions like…

What are the learner’s abilities and circumstances? Are they beginners? Do they all belong to one business function such as sales, or do they come from a variety of backgrounds?

What barriers to learning should you take into account? Are these manufacturing employees? Are they college educated? What is their age, socio-economic background and life experiences?

What is our budget and time constraints? This is always important because a project needs to be completed on time and within budget.

After Your Background Research is Complete

Once you have asked, and found the answers for your background research, you can begin collecting data, writing objectives, and identifying the resources available to you. The product of this process is a through analysis of your training needs.

Now you ADDIE analyze phase is nearly complete. It’s time to begin writing your training plan.

Once you’ve completed your training plan you can move on to the next ADDIE phase – Design. That’s what we’ll examine in the next article.The ADDIE Analyze Phase 

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