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ADDIE Design Phase

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In the first article of this series we introduced the ADDIE model. ADDIE is term that describes a commonly accepted sequence of procedural steps used to design training. These steps or phases are the Analyze phase, Design phase, Develop phase, Implement phase and Evaluate phase.

This article is the second in a series of articles that breaks down each step of the ADDIE method. In this article, we’ll look at the ADDIE Design phase.

Designing Your Training Project

In the analysis phase you took a deep dive into the background information needed for your training project to be successful. In the ADDIE Design phase, you organize the information you gathered during the analysis phase. You use this information to make practical decisions.

These decisions include your strategy, delivery methods, course structure, course length, assessment processes, and feedback, how you will evaluate your results. Some tools you can use for making these decisions include brainstorming, prototyping and testing.

Utilizing the ADDIE Design Phase in Your Learning Project

Think about your project as if you were building a house. Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a plan, you need to have a solid plan for your training project. So, after you make your training project decisions, your next step is to put together a plan.

A plan can take the form of a storyboard. It can also be a prototype of your training, or both. You use the prototype and/or storyboards to communicate to your stakeholders your vision of the training’s appearance. Its also an excellent way to let them know how it will benefit the company.

Checking Your Work

Once you have completed sketching out your plan, take a step back and ask, “does this meet the needs we generated in the analysis phase?”

If it does, great! You can move for the ADDIE Design phase onto the next phase. If something needs to be fixed, fix it here before moving on to developing the materials.

Your job, before moving from the ADDIE Design phase to the next step, is to check if anything is missing or needs more attention. Once you’re satisfied with your work, you can move to the next step – the ADDIE Develop phase.

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